Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blanketed in Snow

 While watching out my kitchen window, as the quiet snow was falling so softly making everything so picturesque, I could not wait to go and see how my yard looked with the new fresh blanket of snow.
 my bird feeder was quite busy with the coming and goings of my feathered friends the chickadee, one of my favorites, singing there spring song with such optimism that spring would be here soon

my sleeping garden is covered with a fluffy blanket of snow giving that brown dead look a fresh clean look, the leafless tree's show up so clear, with every limb out lined with the heavy wet snow, bringing a new dimension to the view in black and white,                                   

 the evergreen trees  so heavy with snow, the limbs bending down to ground, so beautiful, with the bright white snow on the ever so deep green needles,
 the weighed down branches almost touching the open water of our babbling brook,

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