Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Piece Of Heaven's Cove

 Here in the cove tucked back in the woods, not far from shore sits our rustic camp over looking a cove only God could be responsible for. We are so blessed with many wildlife visitors utilizing the shallow cove out front, as well as the woodland creatures in our back yard, seeking food and shelter, giving us sights some have only dreamed of.

 Though it is so beautiful, it is also true to life nature, with that there are some bitter sweet lessons we have to endure.    

 Most of the time in the early morning our cove is like glass, later becoming rough, some day's more rougher then others depending on the Old Northwest Wind, the nice thing to that is, there is always a breeze at our place, witch helps to keep the mosquito's at bay and our camp stay's cooler in the heat of the summer.
 As evening falls and the sun gives everything a silhouette look, the amazing colors from the sunset fills the sky leaving it's reflection on the water. Then the pond grows calm and inviting once more, fishing is always good in the evening and my children look forward to it.
As I lay in my bed, in the still of the night, a sound comes forth echoing down the pond with mournful wails and screams, it is the Loon, though many find it eerie, I find it mysteriously comforting. I go to sleep listening to the Loons talking to each other, only to be awaken by the scream of the Bald Eagle as he fly's over looking for breakfast, I scurry out to the kitchen for coffee, grab my camera, in hopes of some great photos as well as to watch the pond come alive.
The pond like glass, except for the fish jumping leaving rings of water ripples behind, calling attention to there predators.
The eagle is on his  faithful old  snag over looking the cove, today he has his eaglets with him no doubt teaching them hunting skills.
The cove is quite busy today, over on the big old pine also over looking the pond is a pair of Pileated Wood Peckers chipping on a branch most likely full of ants.
In the cove the Loons are not just a sound this morning, they have made there appearance sharing with us a baby on her back, so proud the parents seem to be. Loons are one of my favorite, the father and mother are so attentive, teaching there babies everything to be able to survive in the wild.
I do believe they as well as many of our other  visitors, utilize the things that we put out every spring, our raft make a fine place to hide under or behind, well even on top as the cormorant has found it a nice place to dry his wings,
 our very long dock has served as a landing pad for the Spotted Plover who nest near by.
Our son's sailboat's tall mast has been a favorite place for the Belted King Fisher to perch and hunt from.
now the kayakers are starting to come by . and soon the fisherman will be over by the weed bed doing some bass fishing.
the children have awaken, with there bight eye's and smiles to meet but another awesome day, in A Piece Of Heaven's Cove.


  1. That is total love! All the pictures are so beautiful and full of wonder! What a joy. Love, Jen

  2. Oh. Way to make me lonesome! Love that place. Unbelieveable photos!