Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fruit Pannu Kakka

 This is one of my families favorite, I'm making this one with apples but have made it with blue berry sauce also good, Preheat oven to 440/450 Spray a good coat of cooking oil on a 9x13 pan, peel, core and slice 3 cooking apples,

In small pot melt 1/4c. butter then add 1/2c. brown sugar,2TB. water 1 1/2tsp of apple pie spice and 1tsp. vanilla cook over med. heat until sauce becomes thick and apples are tender.


Pour apple mixture in to your well greased 9x13 and spread it , set a side, In a small bowl beat 6 eggs with wire wisk
In med. bowl add 1c. flour, 1c. milk and a dash of salt mix well

 Add egg mixture to flour mixture,


  1. Cindy, looks so good. I know when we have had the pleasure of sitting with you and yours at your kitchen table and partaking of this we count it all joy! Love, Jen